Our mission is to provide low income high school students with free transportation to school.

Problem: Low income students often don’t have funds to pay for public transportation to get to school, resulting in missed days; lower performance and ultimately higher dropout rates.
○ As attendance rates diminish, so too do graduation rates: Students who missed four or fewer days in ninth grade had an 87% graduation rate. A student who missed five to nine days, graduated at a rate of 63%, those who missed ten to fourteen days had a 41% graduation rate, and the remainder had graduation rates in direct proportion to their attendance habits.
○ 2018/2019 CPS Economically Disadvantaged High School Students: 86,534 ... (81.7% of all CPS high school students)

Opportunity: Increase access to transportation translates to higher attendance. Higher attendance translates to:
○ Higher revenue for CPS schools
○ Higher graduation rates
○ More post­-graduate opportunities
○ Lower spending on juvenile justice